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Chairmans update

Rob Taylor

Our Branch Chairman has today updated his biography.

Is a local man born and raised on the Jubilee estate in the 60s and 70s, attended Blake comprehensive School left 1976. Still Lives and works locally as does his partner Susan

Trained as a Chef with Army Catering Corp, serving with Territorial Army for over 13 years
Work on the post at Cannock and Rugeley as delivery driver.
Ran his own local driving school, whilst working as a Lecturer of catering at Cannock College.
Joined Staffordshire Police as a Police Advance Driving Instructor in 2003, He also trains some law subjects to new Special Constables. And is himself a Special Sergeant based at Cannock Police station.

Was the fonder of Cannock Remembrance Ceremony Committee, which organised community commemorative events that take place on the Saturday of remembrance weekend.

During term of office aims:-

1.    Increase awareness for the Community Remembrance Service and commemorative celebrations
2.    Develop stronger community bonds by working with youth and veterans associations
3.    Raise funds for the Royal British Legion and the Memorial Fund.


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