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Poppy Appeal Fundraisers

Jane Plant (left) and Sheila Bagnall, of Stafford, in Northern France with some of the poppies they knitted for the second year running to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal.
This year a very generous donation of £226 was made towards the Poppy Appeal.

Sheila’s father Tom Berrisford was a member of the Herefords.  He was a Normandy veteran and had always been a member of the British Legion.

Jane’s father also saw action in Normandy, however he died when she was very young so has little knowledge of his time in WW2.

Last year she felt she had to do something to help the soldiers who are serving at present and were struggling to get financial assistance after suffering terrible injuries.

Jane says, ‘We are delighted to donate our combined total of £226 again this year. We love going to France every year and we had our photo taken in the poppy field in Normandy as we knit whilst on holiday! I went to France again in September with my husband, Patrick and we visited the armistice clearing in Compiegne and this is my photo taken there, proudly wearing my poppy’.


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